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You spoony bard!

Role Playing Gamer
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Do you enjoy role playing games for the PlayStation 2, Super Nintendo, or other consoles?  This is definitely the community for you!  Join us, but please try to keep your posts on the topic of role playing games... and please be respectful of everyone here, whether you agree with their statements or not.

If there's a problem, please do not take matters into your own hands by insulting others.  Instead, leave a LiveJournal comment for one of the community's moderators (in their journals) if there's a problem.  :)

Owner, Creator, and Moderator: Chris' Profiletidus

You can also e-mail us with your concerns if you'd prefer.  Above all, however... just have fun here.  You can even introduce yourself as a new member of the community if you like... one (and only one) introductory post is encouraged.  This community is for kind-hearted discussion, not criticism of games or the people who like them.

Spammers will be banned from the community without warning... so don't advertise anything here other than role playing games and communities, or Web sites dedicated to such games.  You may only advertise your site or community once... as after that we will delete your post, and consider banning you from the community.  Please be thoughtful of your fellow community members.  :)