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Set in the distant year of 20X6, your character awakens as if from a dream to find themselves in a crystalline city, inhabited by adventurers and mystic foreigners. The city alone provides you with no hints to why you are here; A resplendent fountain in the centre of the city declares in etched white stone that you are in the Heart of Finalia. As you explore your new home, you see new and old faces of friends, foes, even spirits! On rare occasions, entities unknown to any appear (such as a... corporate mascot, or a famous celebrity), often a declaration to the unpredictability of Finalia.

This is a new realm. New people, new experiences. Anything can (and probably will) happen...

This roleplay is about interaction and exploration. Ideas for events are always welcome; this roleplay is semi-crack, centered around console RPG characters ONLY.

[1] Don't godmod other people's characters.
In a cracky situation this is usually totally unavoidable, but this is, for the most part, a serious roleplay. Therefore, in a serious situation, you cannot assume that your character is watching Cloud Strife cry like a baby. (you're welcome to have your character assume they want to - Lord knows Cloud needs a good sniffle.)
[2] You cannot kill anyone.
Beating each other into submission is condoned and encouraged though!
[3] The Gate Watcher Knights are not exactly paperweights.
They will not hesitate to show you your place, and it will be a while before the mods allow anyone to actually defeat one. We assure you that it'll be worth it. :D
[4] Literacy is lovely.
Chat speak, gibberish and text faces ">_> ^_^ :3" are for the chatroom, and maybe in the midst of something cracky going on. We also understand drunk characters might type gibberish (just for that added authenticity).
[5] Please at least app for a character from a game you have finished.
Because spoilers are D:!
[6] Player-hate is totally not needed!
We all in dis hood togethah, brah. Fandom wank is also not wanted here, since we're pretty easy going. (We're letting you app characters from games that aren't even out yet! XD)
[7] Rule 7 resigned. :|
Sometimes we miss him.
[8] Add "Sexy Back"into your app somewhere to show you've read the rules. &hearts

Apply Here!

(Our Accepted Fandoms List!)

Also join finalia_ooc!

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